Created for Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

I’ve been riding with Zach Buzaid for most of the time I’ve been here in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve seen an absolutely insane progression in his jumping ability, and I’m pretty sure Duthie played a big role in that. The first time I rode there, it felt like a place that I should have had to pay to get into. Thanks to Evergreen Mountain Biking Alliance, not only is it free and amazing, but it’s maintained beautifully. When Zach and I started this video, it was just a way to test out my new Fuji X-H1. It ended up being something better than either of us had in mind, and we’re both psyched to partner with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to promote and encourage volunteering at Duthie Hill. If you ride there, Evergreen now has three work parties a month you can sign up for. Give back!

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